The purpose of Miners’ Memorial is to honor the work and lives of the coal miners in the Weir-Pittsburg Coal Field. Construction of Miners’ Memorial has been accomplished with local and regional funding.

The Memorial features a larger-than-life-size bronze statue of an era miner. There are nine black polished monuments flowing in an arc to the right of the statue. The first stone is an interpretive marker on the south side, and accompanied on the north side with the map of the Weir-Pittsburg Coal Field. The remaining eight monuments contain the names of miners who have been submitted by their families and friends. A star beside their name indicates that the miner died as a result of working in the mines.

It is estimated that over ten thousand coal miners worked in the area, and at least 2,500 names are required to complete the installation on both the front and the back of the eight monuments. This web site features a history form where one can submit his or her miner’s name(s) and as much information that is available for submission. Information can be found in the Census Reports, Accident Reports, Ancestry.com, and local newspaper reports on micro-fiche in the PSU Axe Library. We also have created a Frequently Asked Questions Page to answer some common inquiries about Miners’ Memorial. If there are other questions, please use the contacts page where you can email or call one of us for answers.

Download the Submission Form

Sky View of Memorial
We want to know your family history as well. Miners Memorial is seeking family histories of coal miners in Crawford and Cherokee Counties. An estimated 10,000 men worked as miners in the area. Some examples would be family life, hardships, accidents or union involvement.